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1) Live Presentations ~ Our school presentations consist of young adults (25 to 35) who have       personally faced addiction and understand its seductive temptations from the inside. By sharing 

their personal stories, along with graphic video reenactments to illustrate the true consequences 

of substance abuse, students trust them as peers and heed the credibility of their warnings.  

a) ~ Additionally, we include clips from other teens explaining how they turned to drugs or alcohol 

due to guilt, peer pressure, abuse, living environments, loneliness, or low esteem...teenagers identify 

with the reasons they were led to substances as a means of escape. The tragic consequences of 

chemical solutions rings loud and clear to all.

b) ~ Then, students view an elementary level animation, depicting what occurs in our brain, prompting

the process of physical addiction. Finally, the seminar concludes with an alarming production by 

Dr. Daniel Amen, a nationally-known psychiatrist who authored the use of visual-imaging via 

CT-SCAN and discovered the permanent damage certain substances may have on the developing 

brains of young people. This one-minute-minute production is entitled, "Which Brain Do You Want".  

*Each seminar includes many retention tools such as: sight, sound, action, volume, colors, 

  graphics, text, drama, and live presentation.

2) Youth Empowerment Program ~ Provides intensive training to young people connected to

character-building organizations such as the Boy/Girl Scouts, Religious Youth Groups, Mentoring

Programs and any other association helping our youth develop into productive citizens.  After 

completing the 3-hour training, each participant receives a diploma as "Ambassadors of Hope" 

to go back to their neighborhoods, schools and communities to promote abstinence and provide 

the truth about the many hazards and gradual process of addiction. We believe this type of peer 

to peer prevention will ultimately become the most effective method of prevention.

3) "Assault on Addiction" ~ A 30 minute TV show presenting the latest threats and powerful 

new drugs, and interviews with law enforcement, clinical experts, parents who have lost a child 

from drugs or alcohol use, and many other features to keep society up to date on the dangers 

that effect our communities and kids.




Student Tracking Assessments

After every seminar each student is asked to complete an anonymous survey to help us measure the overall effectiveness of our program. To date, the tracking surveys indicate that this approach consistently exceeds 85% in influencing a young person’s decision to experiment with, or continue any current abuse or flirtation with substances they may have engaged in previously.

The following student survey statistics suggests that junior & senior high students have complete confidence in the information being offered. 


Student Tracking Survey


1)  Please compare this prevention program with others you have seen or heard of.

A - The Most Effective  -  89%


B - Just Like Others   -   10.5%


C - The Least Effective    -   .5%

2)  If you were considering using drugs or alcohol, how would this presentation affect your decision?


A -  Would affect my decision to use drugs or alcohol    -  87%


B -  Might reconsider using drugs or alcohol    -   11%


C -  Would have no effect in my decision to use drugs or alcohol   -  2%

3)  Which one of the following would you most likely believe regarding the hazards of drug or alcohol abuse?

A -  A School Nurse   -    1.5%


B -  A Guidance Counselor   -    1.5%


C -  A Doctor   -    6%


D -  A Police Officer   -    1%


E -  A Recovering or Former Addict or Alcoholic   -    90%