The Scope of Addiction

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American Substance Abuse

The National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA) estimates 52 Million Americans have used Drugs & 57 Million are classified as Binge Drinkers. Kids as young as 8 are engaging in drug or alcohol use. 

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Kids are receiving fewer prevention messages. 

SAMSHA states: "There has been a significant reduction in Prevention Messages' from 2002 to 2010"...while approx. 400,000 kids die each year.

The Epidemic Spreads Rapidly Across the U.S. 

Lack of funding equates into lost lives.

While NAPTA receives service requests from numerous states, the lack of funding prevents us from reaching those with the highest rate of substance-related fatalities. 

9 Years Ago. 

How many 

first-timers are there Now? 

AMA "12,000 new kids try drugs each day".

In 2008 the AMA released a study indicating that over 12,000 students, age 10 to 17 tried an addictive substance for the "first time" every day.

  Source: SAMSHA - Facts on Relapse and Recovery


  Relapse rates for addictive diseases range from 70% to 90%. Alcohol/drug addiction is a chronic relapsing  disorder. Precipitants to relapse include frustration, stress, peer-pressure,  anger, and the social pressures of environment.


When we combine the minimal rate of achieved sobriety provided by SAMSHA, to the 

percentage of addiction from NIDA...there is an overwhelming indication that America is 

facing its greatest threat from within. If we include the 2008 survey from the AMA, regarding 

the number of young daily experimenters to the mix, we must act now.