Kids sense the sincerity and heed their warnings--something all previous efforts have lacked.


Just as a Cancer survivor can best comfort one recently diagnosed, so can a recovered addict effectively connect with students.


400,000 young people die each year from substance use, & parents will no longer accept slogans at their child's expense.


Young addicts are deterring 85% of teenagers from drugs or alcohol.


Addiction Video

The Graphic Truth

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Take a look at this emotionally moving visual representation of how drug addiction is taking the lives of  our
young people.

The Effectiveness of Young Recovering Addicts Reaching Younger Students Can Literally Cut the Number of Annual Fatalities in Half...


The Problem We're Up Against

Scope of Addiction

With approximately 1100 kids dying everyday, parents are no longer interested in slogans or assumptions...and when it comes to what teenagers do at parties, or with their friends, they simply do not listen to authority figures...but they do listen to us.


Logic: Would you ask a Baker to repair cars, or assign a Police Officer to manage the cheerleading squad? So, why not secure those who have experienced addiction first-hand to address substance abuse?


NAPTA has developed a protocol using young adults who've personally faced addiction and have the credibility all previous efforts have lacked. Students trust their genuine concern and are listening to the truth that is shared.


The National Association for the Prevention of Teenage Addiction  is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was established in direct response to appeals from superintendents, parents, and school officials to address the problem of substance abuse within our juvenile population.


Our students are more knowledgeable and have greater access to information than previous generations…and when combined with the glorification of "partying"  by the entertainment world, we have a growing trend, which is leading young people into very dangerous territories.


Because of the escalating number of tragedies, parents are no longer interested in slogans or theoretical ideas at the expense of their children’s lives. A local group of educators, prompted by concerned families responded by seeking a prevention program that would hopefully divert young people from experimenting with drugs or alcohol.