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The Graphic Truth

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Take a look at this emotionally moving visual representation of how drug addiction is taking the lives of  our
young people.

The Effectiveness of Young Recovering Addicts Reaching Younger Students Can Literally Cut the Number of Annual Fatalities in Half...


The Problem We're Up Against

Scope of Addiction

When it comes to what teenagers do at parties, or with their friends, they simply do not listen to authority figures...but they do trust those they see as peers.


This is simple logic. We wouldn't ask a carpenter to teach plumbing, or a police officer to train surgeons, and if you are forming a football team, you probably would hire someone who has actually played the game.


The National Association for the Prevention of Teenage Addiction  is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was established in direct response to appeals from superintendents, parents, and school officials to address the problem of substance abuse within our juvenile population.


Our students are more knowledgeable and have greater access to information than previous generations…and when combined with the glorification of "partying"  by the entertainment world, we have a growing trend, which is leading young people into very dangerous territories.


Because of the escalating number of tragedies, parents are no longer interested in slogans or theoretical ideas at the expense of their children’s lives. A local group of educators, prompted by concerned families responded by seeking a prevention program that would hopefully divert young people from experimenting with drugs or alcohol.